How Cold Exposure Benefits the Body and Mind

June 22, 2023

Cold exposure has various health benefits for the mind and body, says emerging wellness advocate Greg Lindberg.


Lindberg has spent time understanding the science behind cold exposure and how it impacts the body and mind short term and long term. After years of learning and personal experience, Lindberg believes careful incorporation of cold exposure could have various positive health effects.


“Scientific data has been telling us that cold exposure can have a powerful effect on some aspects of your health and wellness, including reduce inflammation and swelling, improve mental health, boost your mood, and much more,” says Lindberg. “But it’s extremely important to practice safely and commit long-term.”


Cold exposure or cryotherapy is a form of short exposure to cold through ice baths, cold showers or cold plunge for a few minutes. While there’s no official recommendation, people typically spend 5 to 10 minutes in 50-to-59-degree water. Most people tend to do a cold bath or cold shower every 48 hours.


“When the body receives a cold shock, the mitochondria, which is an organelle found in the cells in our body, go into overdrive,” said Lindberg. “When the mitochondria go into overdrive, they produce more energy, they replicate and get stronger. When you take a cold plunge or cold shower, mitochondria come to life, allowing you to be more alert and more focused.”


Lindberg says cold exposure, when applied repeatedly, could help reduce inflammation and swelling, relieve sore muscles, ease exercise recovery, reduce body temperature, support immunity, improve mental health and boost your mood. While more research is needed, some data supports this theory.


“I introduced cold showers to my routine a few years ago, and I’ve never looked back,” says Lindberg. “Along with my fasting and exercise routine, I also take a cold shower every morning. As a result, I feel more alert, less stressed, much stronger, and ready to take on the day.”


Lindberg says people need to slowly incorporate cold exposure into their wellness regimen to avoid harming their health.


Cold exposure may pose a risk to people with chronic conditions like blood pressure, heart disease and other health issues. It’s always important to speak to your health care provider if cold exposure is appropriate for you and your health.


Lindberg shared his health and wellness transformation in his latest book 633 Days Inside: Lessons on Life and Leadership. Learn more here:


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