Greg Lindberg Discusses Fasting and its Effect on Longevity on Canadian Podcast/Radio Show

July 28, 2023

“Fasting can help you make it through virtually any challenge that you face in life,” says Lindberg.

ORLANDO, FL, July 05, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Greg Lindberg, entrepreneur, philanthropist and author, was invited last week on Canadian podcast and radio show The Tonic to discuss fasting and its effect on wellness and longevity.

During the 10-minute conversation with host Jamie Bussin, Lindberg discussed his journey of transforming his life through fasting and how the wellness regimen affected his health, body and mind.

“I started fasting during a challenging time in my life and the results have been transformational for me,” shared Lindberg during the podcast. “Fasting can help you make it through virtually any challenge that you face in life,” says Lindberg.

“Fasting got me off medications, normalized my cholesterol levels, turned my hair red again and sharpened my mental focus and memory to help me manage stress. Intermittent fasting is the single prescription to get you off all of your other prescriptions,” Lindberg said.

During the interview, Lindberg said he typically does a water-only fast for 90 consecutive hours each a week, while ensuring he stays active and eats a healthy diet during eating periods.

“As I continued to my fast, my body started to regenerate itself,” said Lindberg. “When you commit to a program of intermittent fasting your body starts to repair itself. During fasting, your body moves from a glucose metabolism to a triglyceride metabolism which sets off a whole chain of cellular repair mechanisms such as mitophagy and autophagy,” says Lindberg.

Lindberg relies on the power of science as a guide for transforming his body and mind. His goal is to inspire and empower other people to live healthier and longer lives through wellness, longevity and leadership.

The Tonic is a 55-minute weekly podcast formatted talk show, which broadcasts Saturdays at 11:00 a.m. on the Zoomer Radio Network (AM740, FM 96.7) in Toronto, Canada. The show garners about 162,000 listeners weekly.

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