Developing Discipline in Leadership, according to Greg Lindberg

August 4, 2023


Discipline plays an important role in successful leadership. That’s what Wellness Advocate Greg Lindberg believes.


As a successful entrepreneur who has run hundreds of businesses, Lindberg says determination, persistence and continuous learning can help people develop discipline and become better leaders.


“Discipline is a lifelong path,” said Lindberg. “Everyone can be a good leader if they’re passionate about it, have the ambition to do it and embark on a lifelong journey of learning.”


To help many newly graduates and up-and-coming leaders, Lindberg provides some tips on how they can develop discipline for continued success in leadership.


Always Be a Student


Learning does not end after graduation. Lindberg says good leaders never stop learning and growing. Great leaders sharpen their leadership skills and enhance their knowledge in their areas of practice.


“Continuous learning can help you achieve the goals that you have set to achieve,” said Lindberg. “When you commit to learning, studying, reading, listening and improving, you can become a successful leader and accomplish your professional dreams.”


Create Daily Habits


Creating professional and personal daily habits can help you become a better leader. If you’re passionate about leadership, there are some daily habits you can practice every day.


Lindberg says it’s important to prioritize, plan, listen, exercise, read, meditate, get enough sleep and wake up early.


“Find something you love or enjoy doing that you would even do for free, and focus your efforts and create daily habits around that,” said Lindberg. “If you love what you do, sticking to those daily habits will be easier.”


Stay Persistent


Persistence is the key to successful, long-term leadership. Determination and continuous learning are a lifelong commitment. Lindberg says without persistence there is no leadership.


“What motivates me is the intellectual challenge of achieving my goals,” said Lindberg. “I studied Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich. I put it on a radio cassette (during those days) and I listened to that book non-stop for five years straight to the point where the book is memorized in my head. As I continued to memorize every line, I started to believe I can achieve anything.”


Lindberg, a successful leader himself, has launched a leadership program through Lifelong Labs where he empowers people to achieve success in leadership and career.


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