Humility is Key to Successful Leadership, Says Greg Lindberg

August 19, 2023

Orlando, FL (August 18, 2023) – Remaining humble is a key, important trait to successful leadership. Wellness Advocate Greg Lindberg knows this firsthand.


Lindberg, who is a successful entrepreneur leading hundreds of businesses, believes that humility is the secret quality to long-term, successful leadership.


“The best leaders know that they are not always the smartest people in a room or business setting,” said Lindberg. “The most effective leader is the one who is humble, listens, gets feedback, pays attention and then decides where to go.”


Given his experience, Lindberg provides helpful guidance on how leaders can remain humble and how they can admit when they don’t know something.


Listen and Receive Feedback


Whether someone is an aspiring or established leader, it’s important to listen and encourage the team to express their opinion and support their ideas. A humble leader is not afraid to say ‘I don’t know,’ says Lindberg.


“You could be a leader of a small team or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, you have to admit when you’re wrong and allow others to speak up and give feedback,” said Lindberg. “Humble leaders keep an open mind, accept responsibility, be fair and truthful, trust the team and always celebrate their successes.”


Fail Early, Fail Often


Humility in leadership comes from failure and disappointment. Leaders learn humility by failing early and failing often, says Lindberg.

Failure provides leaders with an opportunity to learn, grow and build resilience. Lindberg says no matter how rich or successful leaders are, they must fail to succeed.

“Failure makes you stronger,” says Lindberg. “You can’t be afraid of failure. You have to start failing from the very beginning. After failure, that’s when you can find growth and success as a leader.”

Lindberg, a successful leader himself, has launched a leadership program through Lifelong Labs where he empowers people to achieve success in leadership and career.


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