How to Manage Stress in Leadership

August 25, 2023

Business leaders deal with an enormous amount of stress at work, especially those working in the C-suite level.

According to the American Institute of Stress (AIS), more than 40 percent of leaders across the United States experience stress at work, impacting their personal and professional lives and overall health.

Greg Lindberg, an entrepreneur and philanthropist who has led hundreds of businesses in the last 20 years, says that stress is critical to a leader’s growth and success.

“Leadership is not about peace, comfort and relaxation,” says Lindberg. “Leadership is about adversity. The more you lead, the bigger the responsibilities and challenges will be.”

Accepting Stress

Business leaders face many failures and adversities throughout their careers. While that may seem difficult, it can actually be a good thing.

Adversity helps leaders face their fears, hopes and dreams. Leaders may feel overwhelmed or defeated when they fail at something, but that’s an opportunity to get inspired not discouraged.

The best way to manage stress is to see it as a gift,” says Lindberg. “You make stress the fuel and you try to learn and grow and become stronger from it. Our brains thrive and survive during challenges, and that’s when we have an opportunity to get better. There is no progress in peace and comfort.”

Gaining Strength from Stress

According to Lindberg, the human brain flourishes during challenges. Mild stressors such as a work challenge or adversity can help leaders improve their memory, productivity and focus.

Lindberg says low doses of stressors such as a conflict at work can help leaders become better at the work they do.

Your cells are driven by mitochondria, the organelle found in our cells,” says Lindberg. “When those mitochondria are stressed, starving, freezing, tired and out of energy, they multiply, replicate and get bigger and stronger. Stress to the human body is the life force of mitochondria. That’s what gives them life.”

Lindberg, a successful leader himself, has launched a leadership program through Lifelong Labs where he empowers people to achieve success in leadership and career.

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