Entrepreneur Greg Lindberg Unravels the Debate: Are Leadership Skills Learned or Innate?

September 25, 2023

Orlando, Florida (September 25, 2023) – In the ever-evolving landscape of leadership development, a persistent debate continues to captivate the attention of professionals and scholars alike: Are leadership skills primarily learned or innate? Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Author Greg Lindberg believes this question has profound effect on leaders and organizations that strive to cultivate success.

While some may argue that people are born with an inherent predisposition for leadership, enjoying qualities like charisma, confidence and decisiveness, Lindberg believes all leadership skills can be learned.

“In my experience, I believe that there isn’t a single leadership skill or personality profile that cannot be adapted,” said Lindberg, who has been a successful entrepreneur leading hundreds of businesses. The most important concept is the word learn. You can learn leadership skills if you’re self-aware of what you need to improve.”

Lindberg says leadership skills are predominantly learned through a combination of education, mentorship and real-world experiences. Leadership is a skill that can be developed and refined over time, and anyone can become an effective leader with the right guidance and opportunities. However, he says it’s important to underscore the importance of both innate qualities and ongoing development in shaping effective leaders.

“Despite your strengths or abilities as a leader, you’re going to have a million lessons to learn over the course of your life,” says Lindberg. “You must be humble enough to keep learning. Always be a student, never stop learning.”

The question of whether leadership skills are learned or innate is open to debate. The reality is that leadership is a multifaceted concept and can be influenced by a few inherent traits and experiences and lessons learned throughout life.

Lindberg said that’s why it’s critical to embrace a holistic approach to leadership development. This includes recognizing and harnessing innate qualities while providing enough opportunities for growth and learning.

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