Lifelong Labs’ Greg Lindberg Shares How Exercise Can Suppress Hunger during Fasting

September 27, 2023


Orlando, Florida (September 27, 2023)Fasting has long been recognized for its potential health benefits, including weight loss, improved metabolic health, and longevity. However, many individuals find it challenging to manage hunger during fasting periods, which can deter them from adopting this beneficial practice.

Lifelong Labs’ Greg Lindberg is pleased to shed light on the powerful connection between exercise and appetite suppression during fasting. Lindberg reveals how physical activity can be a valuable ally in managing hunger and enhancing the benefits of fasting.

Exercise can eliminate starvation while you’re fasting,” said Greg Lindberg. “If you do a good cardio exercise, you won’t be hungry for at least four to five hours. I exercise during my workouts and my hunger completely goes away.”

Exercise can play an important role in mitigating hunger stings and making fasting more manageable. Exercising doesn’t only suppress your appetite, but it also helps regulate hormones and burn fat. Physical activity during fasting encourages the body to use stored fat as an energy source.

To get the benefits of fasting, you have to move the body from a glucose metabolism to a triglyceride metabolism where you’re actually burning your body’s fat. That can help your body build strength and gain focus and energy.”

Most importantly, Lindberg believes that regular exercise along with fasting can help reverse the aging process and keep people younger longer. Lindberg has been combining exercise with fasting for many years and he has never felt healthier. Whether it’s through brisk walks, yoga, or resistance training, incorporating exercise into fasting routines can lead to a more satisfying and sustainable fasting experience.

To continually see improvement and results, gradually increase workout intensity and duration to challenge the body and avoid plateauing,” said Lindberg. “I initially started exercising 20 to 30 minutes per day, but slowly increased intensity to 90 minutes per day. This is when I saw my body gain strength, build muscle and feel much healthier physically, mentally and spiritually.”

Lindberg and Lifelong Labs are committed to helping empower individuals to make informed decisions about their health. Our mission is to provide valuable insights and promote healthy living practices for everyone.

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