Greg Lindberg Gets Candid About Business and Wellness During Extended Interview on Mentors Collective Podcast

October 11, 2023

Orlando, Florida (October 11, 2023) – Greg Lindberg, entrepreneur, philanthropist and author, was invited to the Mentors Collective Podcast to discuss a range of topics including business, leadership, adversity, longevity and wellness.

During the 45-minute conversation with host Dr. Jay Feldman, Lindberg discussed leadership, his incredible journey to building successful businesses and his time in prison. He also delved into his passion for wellness including fasting, exercise and his personal weekly fasting program.

Lindberg opened up about leadership success and how he established his first homecare-focused newsletter in his dorm at Yale University, which later grew into hundreds of successful companies in dozens of industries.

“At the beginning, I spent all my time in the office. I slept and ate there, I did not have a social life and did not have an apartment,” said Lindberg during the podcast. “I remember getting excited when I got my first $200 check. As my businesses grew, I just kept going and never quit even when things were difficult.”

Despite many accomplishments, Lindberg shared with Dr. Feldman that he continues to learn and reinvent himself. He also has learned to navigate challenges and grow from failure.

“I have not found success. I think once you find success that’s the beginning of the end,” said Lindberg. “No matter how rich or successful you are, you can’t relax. Relaxation is a dangerous thing. You also have to fail along the way, so you can learn, grow and build resilience. You must fail to succeed.”

Lindberg shared his new-found passion for wellness and longevity and how is inspiring people to live healthier, happier and younger through his brand Lifelong Labs. He also shared his experience with fasting and how it’s transformed his life.

“I started fasting while I was in prison, and it’s changed my life physically, emotionally and mentally,” shared Lindberg. “Fasting got me off medications, normalized my cholesterol levels, lengthened my telomeres, turned my gray hair red again and reduced my skin wrinkles.”

Mentors Collective, founded by Dr. Feldman, interviews some of the world’s most accomplished leaders in healthcare and entrepreneurship to help transform people’s lives. The podcast, available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, garners millions of listeners. Watch Lindberg’s Interview here.

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