Greg Lindberg Shares Effective Ways to Commit to Fasting in His Latest Book

December 4, 2023

Entrepreneur and wellness advocate Greg Lindberg delves into the remarkable benefits of fasting in his latest book, “LIFELONG“. Lindberg’s narrative is a testament to the transformative journey he embarked upon through commitment to prolonged fasting, shedding light on its profound impacts not just on the body but also on the mind. 

Drawing from his personal experiences, Lindberg explains how his initial foray into fasting began with 24-hour intervals, gradually progressing to the more rigorous 48-hour fasts.  

I was amazed by what started happening to my body and, more important, to my mind,” Lindberg asserts, encapsulating the pivotal shift he encountered in both physical and mental realms. 

“I started with 24- hour fasts. Then I moved up to 48-hour fasts. And I was amazed by what started happening to my body and, more important, to my mind. When your body burns up all its stores of glycogen—about 18 hours after your last meal—it starts to burn triglycerides from your stored body fat,” said Lindberg. 

One of the fundamental revelations Lindberg underscores is the body’s metabolic response to extended fasting. He highlights the critical juncture at approximately 18 hours post-meal, where the body exhausts its glycogen reserves, consequently initiating the utilization of triglycerides from stored body fat as an alternative energy source.  

This pivotal metabolic shift, as Lindberg describes, not only facilitates weight loss but also prompts a cascade of physiological benefits. From heightened mental clarity and increased energy levels to potential longevity advantages, Lindberg’s testimony echoes the profound impact of extended fasting on overall vitality and well-being. 

Moreover, Lindberg’s narrative isn’t solely confined to the physiological domain; it resonates with the psychological fortitude cultivated through disciplined fasting. The introspective journey he embarked upon unraveled a newfound mental resilience and focus, illustrating the symbiotic relationship between physical discipline and mental acuity. 

“I turned myself into a human laboratory, following a strict program of intermittent fasting and feasting, high-intensity exercise, concentrated study, and community service—a regimen that anyone can follow, with or without a prison sentence,” said Lindberg. “ A regimen that will completely change your life in dozens of meaningful ways. I call it LIFELONG.”  

Throughout his book, Lindberg advocates for a balanced approach to fasting, emphasizing the significance of informed guidance and gradual progression to accommodate individual physiological variations. 

Remember that fasting isn’t suitable for everyone, and it’s essential to prioritize your health and well-being. Committing to fasting should be done in a way that is sustainable, safe, and aligns with your personal goals and values. 

“LIFELONG” is poised to redefine perspectives on fasting, inviting readers to consider this ancient practice not merely as a dietary regimen but as a transformative tool for holistic well-being. 

Fasting is a practice that requires commitment and discipline. Whether you’re fasting for health, or other personal reasons, here are some effective ways summarized from the book as an infographic to help you commit to fasting:


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How Fasting Impacts Health and Wellness


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