Greg Lindberg Explores in Latest Book the Science of Quantum Biology and Its Impact on Human Life

December 6, 2023

Orlando, Florida (December 6, 2023) – Greg Lindberg unveils the science of quantum biology and its profound impact on human health in his latest book LIFELONG. At the core of his book, Lindberg highlights the connection between quantum mechanics and the human body’s biological processes, shedding light on the mysteries within our cells.

“Quantum biology is the biggest breakthrough in medicine,” said Lindberg. “All of our key biological processes are quantum processes. That means our processes don’t work unless our body is in a state of quantum coherence. Our consciousness, DNA replication, cellular functions, electron transport chain and mitochondria, rely on quantum coherence.”

In his book, Lindberg digs deep into the existing science of quantum mechanics and the pivotal role it plays in the functioning of biological systems. He says that one of the key revelations is the phenomenon of quantum coherence in biological processes. For instance, ribonucleic acid (RNA) enzyme goes through a series of changes, including tunneling of protons, to replicate the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA).

In addition, Lindberg discusses quantum entanglement, a phenomenon where particles become interconnected, affecting each other’s states regardless of distance. This interconnectedness is now believed to play a crucial role in the coordination and communication between cells, potentially offering new insights into diseases and therapeutic interventions.

“The discovery of this research is key to human life,” Lindberg said. “Understanding and manipulating quantum coherence within living organisms could help the world of medicine diagnose and treat many diseases including cancers and Alzheimer’s. This information could also help us implement natural therapies and interventions that can enhance longevity, helping people live healthier and younger.”

It’s this science and his personal wellness journey that allowed Lindberg to introduce an intense hermetic program that could help people prevent disease and the process of aging.  He believes that hormetic activities such fasting, intense exercise, heat/cold exposure, intellectual challenge and a healthy diet, can help reverse aging.

“When we challenge ourselves through hormesis, our bod­ies tap into this non-local intelligence and genetically alter themselves to adapt to our new environmental conditions. These activities help us maintain a state of quantum coherence, and help our DNA replicate accurately.”

Lindberg details this life-changing program and the science of quantum biology in his book. LIFELONG is now available on Amazon.

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Greg Lindberg is a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist and author. Through his successful career, Lindberg has reimagined and transformed hundreds of businesses, employed thousands of people, empowered leaders and impacted communities through philanthropic efforts. His experiences as a leader and challenges have inspired him to empower people to achieve optimal success through wellness, longevity and leadership. Lindberg also has authored two books: Failing Early & Failing Often: How to Turn Your Adversity into Advantage and 633 Days Inside: Lessons on Life and Leadership. For more information, visit


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