Greg Lindberg Shares How to Stay Motivated During Fasting in His Book Lifelong

December 28, 2023

As the interest in fasting for health and wellness continues to grow, people are looking for effective ways to stay motivated and committed to their fasting routines. Whether pursuing intermittent fasting, prolonged fasting or other fasting protocols, maintaining motivation is key to achieving long-term results.

To empower people on their fasting journey, Wellness Advocate Greg Lindberg shares in his latest book Lifelong a comprehensive guide to foster motivation and commitment.

Set Goals

Lindberg says people need to set goals before they even begin fasting. Define specific, realistic and measurable fasting goals, and write them down. Clear objectives provide a roadmap and help people track their progress and achievements, he says.

“Keep a journal to log fasting goals, progress, hours, mood, and energy levels,” says Lindberg. “Tracking progress visually reinforces commitment and provides valuable insights into patterns and challenges.”

Understand the Science

People should also understand the science behind fasting and its potential health benefits can strengthen one’s health, mind and body. It’s important to stay informed about the positive impact of fasting and how it can improve the metabolism, cellular repair, and overall well-being.

Establish a Routine

Incorporate fasting into a daily routine with consistent timing. Establishing rituals, such as a morning routine or specific fasting-friendly meals, can create a sense of structure. Feasting is as important as fasting. “Practice mindful eating during non-fasting periods and get on a routine,” says Lindberg. “Paying attention to what food to consume and promote a healthier relationship with eating.”

Stay Hydrated

Proper hydration and nutrition are essential components of successful fasting. Ensure an adequate intake of pure water and nourishing foods during non-fasting periods to support overall well-being.

Develop a Hobby

Fasting helps increase focus and mental clarity. Lindberg says it’s important to develop a hobby, learn a new skill or start a new project. “Fasting can help you find new inspiration and challenge your mind to achieve endless possibilities,” says Lindberg.

Create a Support System

Share your fasting goals with friends, family, or a community. Having a supportive network fosters accountability and encouragement during challenging moments, Lindberg says.

By implementing these strategies, people can embark on their fasting journey with renewed motivation and commitment. Lindberg hopes these insights serve as a valuable resource for those looking for sustainable and fulfilling fasting practices.

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