Lifelong Labs’ Greg Lindberg Shares Nutrition Routine That Helped Him Achieve Optimal Health

January 26, 2024


Orlando, FL (January 26, 2024) – You are what you eat! That’s what Wellness Expert Greg Lindberg believes. That’s why he’s been determined to share his nutrition and diet consumption which goes hand-in-hand with his groundbreaking anti-aging program.

In his latest book Lifelong, Lindberg unveiled a comprehensive guide to nutrition, offering a safe, practical and affordable method that’s helped him achieve optimal physical and mental well-being. The nutrition regimen is part of his three-pillar anti-aging program, which includes fast and feast, mental and physical challenge and cold and heat exposure.

Lindberg, who has been fasting 90-hours per week for the last three years, says feasting is just as important as fasting. During his feasts, he plans his meals every week focusing his diet on high-quality protein, vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts and a lot of water.

“I plan all my meals for every feasting period,” said Lindberg. “When I break my fasts, my typical meals include scallops, sweet potatoes, tuna, salads and nuts. I also snack on cashews and pistachios, and for my treats I eat a granola bar and low sugar ice-cream.”

Lindberg says nutrition consumption is different for everyone. That’s why he recommends talking to a health care provider and do blood and allergy testing before starting the program.

“Some do better on vegetables, some do better on a meat diet, and some do better on a vegan diet,” said Lindberg. “Assess your allergies and understand your nutritional needs before you create meal plans that help meet your individual goals.”

Lindberg includes his nutrition plan with his anti-aging program in detail in his latest book Lifelong. He believes proper nutrition while on his program helps increase longevity, boost energy levels, enhances performance and supports overall health.

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