Lifelong Labs’ Greg Lindberg Shares the Importance of Drinking Water

February 2, 2024

Orlando, FL (January 31, 2024) – Wellness Advocate and Lifelong Labs Founder Greg Lindberg is on a mission to elevate health and wellness by shedding light on the importance of staying hydrated. As part of his commitment to promoting wellness and longevity, Lindberg shares valuable insights and practical tips on the importance of proper hydration.

Lindberg emphasizes that proper hydration fundamentally impacts physical wellbeing and mental and emotional balance. Staying hydrated also improves cognitive function, energy levels and skin health.

“It’s important that you drink at least four liters of water every day,” said Lindberg. “You need to flush out your system, especially when you are fasting or exercising. Your body is 65 percent water. That means we need to continually hydrate throughout the day with clean, plain water.”

Lindberg recommends creating daily habits that help keep people on track through work and day-to-day responsibilities. It’s important to create a hydration routine and schedule breaks throughout the day for water intake. To stay on track, Lindberg says people can set up reminders on their digital devices.

“Creating these habits can help you hold yourself accountable,” said Lindberg. “These small changes can help you be healthier, have better skin, better cognitive function and more energy throughout the day.”

Lindberg includes tips for staying hydrated in his latest book Lifelong, which is now available on Amazon. To learn more, visit


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