Lifelong Labs’ Greg Lindberg Discusses the Profound Connection Between Telomere Length and Longevity

February 8, 2024

Orlando, FL (February 6, 2024) – Greg Lindberg, wellness advocate and founder of Lifelong Labs, highlights the profound link between telomeres length and longevity, shedding new light on existing science and offering simple and effective wellness solutions that can reverse aging.

Telomeres, the protective caps at the end of chromosomes, have long been implicated in the aging process. As cells divide, telomeres naturally shorten, eventually leading to cellular senescence and aging. However, until recently, the precise relationship between telomere length and overall lifespan has remained relatively unknown.

“The telomeres are the endcap of our DNA,” said Lindberg. “As we get older, the end cap of the telomeres get shorter and shorter. When that occurs, the DNA will not divide accurately. Like a shoelace getting frayed when the plastic end cap falls off. That’s the analogy that works for the telomeres.”

Lindberg, who has studied the science of aging for years, says people with longer telomeres exhibit a significantly increased likelihood of living longer lives. His experience and years of research also have demonstrated that lifestyle changes can lengthen telomeres and promote healthy aging.

Lindberg’s own telomere results have increased by almost 50 percent since 2018, going from 7.01 to 8.57 kilobits (kb). His telomere length increased from the numbers of an average 60-year-old to a healthy 30-year-old. It’s evident that telomeres can get longer with lifestyle changes and indefinitely replenish the length of your telomeres, said Lindberg.

That’s why he created a transformational anti-aging program, which consists of three-pillars: Fast and feast, mental and physical challenge, cold and heat exposure. This program helps preserve telomere length, extend healthy lifespan, enhance quality of life and mitigate age-related diseases.

“Before I started the Lifelong Program, I experienced many health issues,” said Lindberg. “Today, I’m off any medications, my cholesterol levels are down, my gray hair have turned red again and wrinkles have significantly reduced. This is all thanks to my program.”

Lindberg emphasizes the program is a lifelong journey that requires extreme discipline and focus. This is a lifestyle not a temporary solution. “To see results, you have to do it every day, every week, and non-stop,” said Lindberg. “You have to commit to it, and the transformation will be life changing.”

Lindberg shares his telomeres results and the Lifelong Program in detail in his latest book Lifelong, which is now available on Amazon. To learn more, visit


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