Fasting Can Prevent Gray Hair, Says Wellness Advocate Greg Lindberg

February 13, 2024


Orlando, FL (February 13, 2024) – Fasting can prevent gray hair, according to Greg Lindberg, wellness advocate and founder of Lifelong Labs. After years of testing and research, Lindberg discovered that there is an unexpected connection between fasting and hair health.

Lindberg said that fasting combined with physical activity and proper nutrition can drastically influence hair growth, prevent gray hair and improve the overall condition of the scalp. In his latest book Lifelong, Lindberg shared his personal experience with hair health and explored the effects of fasting on various physiological parameters, including hair follicles.

“After six months of fasting, I saw my hair grow red at the base and gray at the tip, and saw the volume of my hair grow drastically,” said Lindberg. “Every time I exercise, the most profound thing happens: Like clockwork, I get three or four hairs falling out and it’s always the gray ones. That’s the power of fasting and the Lifelong Program.”

Contrary to popular belief, Lindberg’s experience suggests that fasting combined with exercise, good nutrition, cold and heat shock and mental stimulation could improve overall hair health. He believes that these daily wellness changes can benefit hair density, thickness and scalp.

“When it comes to hair, skin and overall health, I believe in a back-to-basic approach,” said Lindberg. “That’s why I created the Lifelong Program. I believe that you can drastically improve your health, hair, skin and body by making daily lifestyle changes and following my program.”

For people dealing with hair loss or seeking to enhance their hair health, these findings offer hope and encouragement. By embracing evidence-based lifestyle modifications, such as fasting and other wellness changes, people can take proactive steps toward optimizing their hair health and vitality.

Lindberg shares his Lifelong Program in detail in his latest book Lifelong, which is now available on Amazon. To learn more, visit


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