Fasting: The Lifelong Path to Longevity

April 26, 2024


Orlando, Florida (April 26, 2024) – Fasting has emerged as a cornerstone of lifelong wellness, unlocking transformative benefits for people seeking to improve health and slow the process of aging. Wellness Expert Greg Lindberg emphasizes in his latest book Lifelong that fasting is not just a temporary lifestyle regimen but a profound lifelong journey toward sustained longevity.

In a world inundated with fleeting health trends, Lindberg offers a new perspective, positioning fasting as a lifelong commitment rather than a quick fix. Through meticulous research and personal experience shared in his latest book, Lindberg highlights enduring benefits of fasting that transcend beyond physical health.

“Fasting isn’t just about abstaining from food, it’s about embarking on a journey of self-discovery and renewal,” says Lindberg. “It’s a holistic approach to wellness that encompasses physical, mental, and spiritual facets of our being.”

Drawing from ancient wisdom and modern science, Lindberg explains how fasting can create profound changes at a cellular level, promoting longevity and vitality. By embracing fasting as a lifelong practice, people can cultivate resilience, optimize metabolic function and enhance cognitive clarity.

Lindberg emphasizes that fasting demonstrates optimal results when paired with physical activity, cognitive stimulation, and exposure to cold and heat temperatures. Best tailored to individual needs, Lindberg says these combined activities should become a lifestyle for better outcomes.

“Fasting is a journey, not a destination,” asserts Lindberg ” It’s a lifelong commitment to unlocking profound health benefits and achieving lasting vitality. I’ve made fasting my lifestyle for many years now, and my health has transformed as a result.”

Bo Gaddy, director of Apex International and advocate of Lindberg’s fasting program, also has embarked on the lifelong journey of fasting combined with a range of wellness activities such as intense physical exercise and heat and cold exposure.

“Since embracing Greg’s program, I’ve undergone a profound transformation, and this is an ongoing experience,” shared Gaddy. “This new lifestyle has revitalized my health and enhanced my quality of life. I am committed to maintaining this lifestyle for as long as possible, regardless of any challenges.”

Lindberg shares the Lifelong Program in detail in his latest book Lifelong, which is now available on Amazon. For more information, visit

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Lifelong Labs is a wellness, longevity and leadership brand which provide science-based information and programs on fasting, cold exposure, exercise, nutrition, hormesis, sleep, mental wellness, leadership, career, and more. The company, launched in 2023 by Entrepreneur Greg Lindberg, works with trusted health and wellness experts to provide guidance that is science-based, safe, effective and attainable. The brand connects with audiences through its website, newsletters, subscription-based programs and social media platforms. To learn more, visit

About Greg Lindberg

Greg Lindberg is a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist and author. To learn more visit or Over the course of his career, he has acquired and transformed more than 100 companies that were either failing or underperforming, each time finding and empowering great talent—people with the same commitment to hard work, learning, entrepreneurship, and a roll-up-your-sleeves attitude. Today, this group of companies known as Global Growth is worth billions of dollars. His experiences as a leader and related challenges have inspired him to empower people to achieve optimal success through wellness, longevity and leadership. Lindberg also has authored three books: Failing Early & Failing Often: How to Turn Your Adversity into Advantage and 633 Days Inside: Lessons on Life and Leadership: LIFELONG: Quantum Biology, Anti-Aging Science and the Cutting-Edge Program That Will Transform Your Body and Mind. All of his books are available on Amazon. See: and see: In 2020, he founded Interrogating Justice, a non-profit organization whose mission is to bring awareness and help advance solutions that hold corrupt government actors accountable, ensure fairness in sentencing, support reentry, and provide access to justice for all. To learn more visit:


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