About the Lifelong Program

The Lifelong Program, developed by Wellness Advocate Greg Lindberg, provides transformational information on lifestyle secrets that can help people prevent disease and slow the process of aging. The program navigates people through safe, effective and attainable daily wellness activities to live healthier, younger, and happier.

The program, backed by science and years of testing, is comprised of three pillars including fast and feast, mental and physical challenge and cold and heat exposure. Each pillar can be difficult and challenging, but the efforts can deliver life-changing results.

How to Start

Fast & Feast
Mental & Physical
Cold & Heat

Cold Exposure Benefits

Cold Exposure Benefits

Benefits of Heat Exposure

What is Fasting

Benefits of Fasting

How to Fast

Why it Works


Personalize Nutrition

Feasting Routine

Longevity Recipe

Enhanced Leadership


Fasting and Exercise

Committing to Exercise

Impact of Exercise


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